Cell Analysis

Basic research at the Institute of Clinical Anatomy and Cell Analysis deals with various aspects of cell biology: regulation of cytoskelettal dynamics, midbrain development, neuronal stem cell research, neuroglial mechanisms of the retina and blood-brain barrier as well as the function of the enteric nervous system. Aminolipin®, a novel fixative for biological materials, has also been developed at the institute.

Our interdisciplinary team consists of anatomists from the fields of medicine, biology, biochemistry and chemistry and uses a variety of model organisms including mouse models, chicken embryos, fish species and nematodes.

The resulting comparative research approaches are also translated into the human system using patient and body donor samples.

Our core methods include advanced microscopy, live cell microscopy, in-ovo electroporation, forward genetics, tissue clearing techniques and innovative cell and tissue culture systems.

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Prof. Dr rer. nat. Lothar Just

Deputy Director | Divisional Manager Cell Analysis

Charlien Wolf, M.A.

Administration | Project Manager

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Glomb Lab

Hirt Lab

Mack Lab

Neckel Lab

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