Core Facility Media Technology in Tübingen

Unsere Unterstützung für Ihre Digitale Lehre

Core Facility Media Technology in Tübingen (CoMMT) was founded 2020. It offers support for teachers to professionally record or stream their lectures live.

Recording of Lectures in the Green Screen Studio

In the green screen studio of the Institute of Clinical Anatomy and Cell Analysis we offer several possibilities to record your lessons with professional images and sound. We can also come to you and develop concepts furthering an optimal transfer of knowledge during your lessons.


Focus on your patient-based clinical lessons – let us worry about the technology. The DocCam enables you to design your lessons as a hybrid or fully digital format and stream it to the students. Stream out of the outpatient department, the OR or intensive care. We will come to you, set up the mobile media technology system and the stream to your students via Zoom – encrypted in compliance with data protection laws. The DocCam is a mobile studio with two cameras and two microphones for an optimal bidirectional communication between students and teachers. It is also fast and easy to set up.


Klaus Fröhlich, Dipl. Ing. (FH)

Technical Head Media Technology

Simone Braun

Administration | Student Affairs | Body Donation Programme

Technical Equipment

We offer the solutions ideal for your needs.


Patient-sided lessons from almost anywhere at the hospital. In compliance with data protection laws and bidirectional between students and teachers. Further information above.

Lecture Hall

Our lecture hall is equipped with a 3D high-performance projector with a 5m screen. It also hast wo interactive smartboards, a high-performance computer, and the option to connect your own device. The audio system is tuned for optimal speech intelligibility.

Green Screen Studio

The green screen studio offers several ways to record your lesson professionally. With expert video and audio. The latest camera and audio technology combined with our VFX-System offer countless possibilities. We support you and your project from the development of concepts until the finished product.

Camera Crew

We will gladly come to you and film at the location of your choice. Contact us, if you are planning a lesson that should be filmed where you are.
You bring the idea – we bring the technology.


We can stream lessons live or record educational praxis-oriented videos in a professional environment, in our fully equipped, non-sterile, OR-room.

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