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Medical engineers and physicians. Dialogue. At the anatomy.



„Einschnitte – Einblicke“ has been a great success since the first event in 2016. The workshop brings clinicians companies in exclusive contact. It is a chance, in particular for small companies, to discuss new ideas. Medical engineers meet medical directors and consultants of different medical areas at the OR-table. The combination of live-OR-stream and hands-on practice in the OR of the Institute of Clinical Anatomy and Cell Analysis of the University of Tübingen has convinced many.

Cutting Straight to the Point

Thoracic, heart and visceral, general, visceral and transplantation surgery; inner medicine – cardio-vascular diseases, diagnostic and interventional radiology, anaesthesiology and intensive care: Specialist in their field will cut straight to the point.

Make a Wish

Developer and engineers of medical engineering companies are told the current medical need live while medical professionals implant an artificial heart, for example. Which devices are too unhandy, which instruments too big, which technology is incomplete? What absolutely needs to be developed? The open dialogue and exchange inspire participants to come up with new ideas, instruments and procedures for the OR. Therefore, physicians of the University Hospital Tübingen started calling the event: „Make a wish“.

Top Level

Prof. Dr Bernhard Hirt, director of the Institute of Clinical Anatomy and Cell Analysis, and Prof. Dr Arnulf Stenzl, medical director of the University Department for Urology and director of the inter-university centre for medical technology Stuttgart – Tübingen (Interuniversitäres Zentrum für Medizinische Technologien Stuttgart – Tübingen: IZST) lead through the discussion with medical directors and consultants. At the same time, endoscopic and open-surgical procedures are performed live on anatomic specimens. The workshops are offered regularly with a different focus each time.


Prof. Dr Bernhard Hirt, MD

Institute director

Phone.: +49 (0) 7071 29-73015

Email: bernhard.hirt@uni-tuebingen.de

Simone Braun


Phone.: +49 (0) 7071 29-72185

Email: simone.braun@uni-tuebingen.de

Next live event

Online im Dialog:
Individualisierte Chirurgie: Sensorik | Robotik | KI

January 31st 2024, 4-5pm

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