Anatomy is concerned with the structure, positional relationship, function and development of body parts, organs and cells. Anatomy teaches the functional systems of the body and researches macroscopy, microscopy, ultrastructure and molecular biology. These findings are put into a clinical context within clinical anatomy.

We successfully implement a great variety of anatomic research and training at the Institute of Clinical Anatomy and Cell Analysis:

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Annually, the team of the institute teaches more than 1100 students in 8 academic courses in overall 23 lectures, workshops, and classes.

At the facility „New Anatomy Schnarrenberg“ more than 2000 physicians of all surgical disciplines are trained annually in national and international surgery classes. About 50.000 participants follow the digital surgical livestreams of the widely known broadcasts Sectio chirurgica and einschnitte — einblicke. For medical and medical engineering research and development 12 complete OR workstations can be used. About 100 research and further training collaboration projects are realised each year. One task group is concerned with teaching research. The core facility CoMMT offers media technology services, owns ist own television studio within the facility, is equipped with professional media equipment and know-how.

There are 4 task groups at the facility „Old Anatomy Österberg“ concerned with cytological fundamental research. They use the institute’s own laboratories for cell culture, molecular biology, histology, confocal laser scanning microscopy and electron microscopy. The core facility CoMIC offers services in the field of Advanced Microscopy.

The research team of both facilities of the Institute of Clinical Anatomy and Cell Analysis managed to develop a formaldehyde-alternative for the fixation and preservation of cells, tissue, organs and bodies: The chemical active substance: Aminolipin®.

Work at the institute – from the body as a whole to molecular structures – is only possible because people donated their bodies during their lifetime to the Anatomy Tübingen. Students, physicians, medical engineers and researchers know it is a great privilege to be allowed to work with body donors in an ethical unobjectionable way. They are very thankful for this opportunity.

Thank you for your interest in the fascinating subject of Anatomy.

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The Institute

Clinical Anatomy

Clinical and anatomic research and continued training.

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Cell Analysis

Our task groups are concerned with fundamental and translational research in the areas of macroscopic and microscopic anatomy.


Anatomic training is constantly developing. Anatomic teaching ist he central element in the training of physicians and professions related to medicine.

Body Donation

The anatomic body donation is essential to medical training, research of new treatments, and medical science.

Areas of Activity

OR Courses

Clinical further and continued training | OR-classes

R & D Medical Technology

Research & Development


Core Facility Media Technology Medicine in Tübingen. We digitalise education.

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Core Facility Advanced Microscopy


You can find an overview of upcoming events at the Institute of Clinical Anatomy and Cell Analysis. You can also sign up right here for selected events.


Visit us in the OR – no matter where you are and when you are reading this. Our formats provide first-hand application-oriented and well-founded information from a variation of experts – provided for medical engineers, physicians and students!

einschnitte — einblicke

Medical engineers and physicians. Dialogue. At the anatomy.

Sectio chirurgica

Cutting insights. Anatomic and clinical.

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