Sectio chirurgica

Cutting Insights into Anatomy and Surgery. Live.

Renowned Surgeons Demonstrate Procedures, Characteristic for their Discipline. Streamed Live.

Sectio chirurgica combines all relevant surgical disciplines and connects fundamental preclinical knowledge with clinical expertise.

All episodes are produced live at the Clinical Anatomy Tübingen. Once streamed live, each episode is available in our own media library for free.

The audience can actively participate in each episode by using interactive features, e.g. live-chat, quiz, and OR-Hotline.

Sectio chirurgica is exclusively for students of medicine, medical professionals and those studying in related degrees and work in related professions.

Vivid Anatomy.

Fundamental anatomy is presented vividly by using modern technology and put into a clinical context.

Interdisciplinary, Interprofessional, Interactive.

Representatives of all medical disciplines demonstrate their knowledge for medical students, physician, medical engineers, nurses, physiotherapists, and many more and are also available for critical exchange.

Clinic Meets Preclinic.

Experience clinical day-to-day life during your preclinical studies or refresh your preclinical knowledge during your clinical routine.

Get Close to the Action.

Impressive images depicting every medical area. New insights into the seemingly familiar. And all of that around the clock, 365 days a year.


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What is Sectio chirurgica?

Based on the motto Close to the Action. In Anatomy and Clinic, we offer medical education and tutorial videos, focussed on anatomy and surgery. We also include all other clinical and preclinical subjects. Our exciting and innovative livestreams and on-demand videos in our media library show medicine from A as in acoustic neuroma to Z as in Zenker’s diverticulum. We feature the whole range of modern cutting-edge medicine in surgeries, performed on human specimens and real patients.

Why do I have to sign up to watch Sectio chirurgica?

For Sectio chirurgica, surgical procedures are performed on body donors that donated their body to the Institute of Clinical Anatomy and Cell Analysis of the University of Tübingen, prior to their passing away. The donation is made only for the purposes of medical teaching and research. The Institute of Clinical Anatomy and Cell Analysis is obliged to adhere to the ethical standards set by the body donation programme and will abide by the agreements with the body donors.

Who is Sectio chicurgica produced for?

Sectio chirurgica is a closed event for

  • students of human and dental medicine
  • students of degrees related to medicine, i.e. medical engineering, molecular medicine, nursing studies, midwifery science, and more.
  • alumnae of above-mentioned degrees (physicians, biologists, medical engineers, etc
  • trainees and professionals in medical careers, as in nurses, medical technical assistants, paramedics, etc.

Detailed information are available in our Terms of Use.

Who is behind Sectio chirurgica?

Sectio chirurgica is a project of the Institute of Clinical Anatomy and Cell Analysis of the University of Tübingen. It is headed by Prof. Dr Bernhard Hirt. Guests are surgeons, radiologists etc. of the University Hospital Tübingen and external hospitals.

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